Brussels: Bed and Breakfast

The Smallest World-City

Brussels Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast’s in Brussels are an excellent and affordable option to staying in hotels whilst still being in the hub of the action. More personable with fewer guest rooms often individually decorated or themed, and providing breakfast in the morning, Brussels has a vast array of high quality and highly recommended bed and breakfasts when it comes to choosing a place to stay. Most b&b’s are located in the city centre within walking distance to restaurants, shopping, museums, transit and other top attractions such as the Grand Place. Hosts provide a friendly and relaxing atmosphere away from the city’s bustle and often speak French or Dutch and most of the time English or German. Guests can enjoy private bathrooms, and all the amenities you would expect such as TV, free internet access, parking, gardens, and of course a full breakfast. Most bed and breakfasts in Brussels provide secure on-line reservations through their own websites and bookings are available year round. Payment, however, is typically cash only.

Rates: €40 -€70