Bulgaria: Bus Tours

A Country of Superb Variations

Bulgaria Bus Tours

If you want to see the best of Bulgaria in a short time, or have a particular interest, such as wildlife or archaeology, there are numerous bus tours in Bulgaria that will cater to your needs, although most will originate in Sofia. Whether you just want a couple of hours guided bus tour around the main sights of the capital city, Sofia, or have a couple of weeks to spare, there are plenty of agencies offering all kinds of trips, from specialised birdwatching and botany tours and multi-day bus tours of Bulgaria’s monasteries or important archaeological sites to day-trips to some of the country’s major tourist attractions. Day-trips from Sofia to Rila Monastery or the picturesque historic village of Koprivshtitsa are among the most popular bus tours in Bulgaria. If you’re staying on the coast, you can even take a day-trip to Istanbul.