Bulgaria: Food Guide - Dining Out

A Country of Superb Variations

Bulgaria Food Guide - Dining Out

Bulgarian cuisine is tasty and hearty, consisting of lots of fresh local produce. Grills, roast meats, stews, sausages and soups feature on restaurant menus in Bulgaria, along with numerous, generously proportioned salads. Every city, town and village in the country has a variety of restaurants, and Bulgarians are frequent restaurant goers, especially in the evenings. Dining out in Bulgaria is very cheap by Western standards, and a meal for two, with wine, at a good restaurant, costs around 15-20 Euros, much less at a simpler place. For traditional Bulgarian cuisine, head to a ‘Mehana’, or tavern, which will be decorated in traditional rural style with folk art and rustic furnishings. Here, you can sample traditional Bulgarian dishes like ‘kavarma’ – a chicken or pork stew, ‘kebabche’ – grilled sausages, and ‘tarator’ - a chilled cucumber soup, as well as a wide range of Bulgarian wines. There are fewer vegetarian options, but you could try ‘bob chorba’, a bean soup, shopska salad, with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and cheese, or mish-mash, with peppers, cheese and scrambled eggs. International cuisines are available everywhere, too, especially in the cities, and pizzerias are very popular. Seafood restaurants are plentiful on the coast, but avoid the more touristy outlets which employ touts to target passing foreign visitors, as prices are likely to be higher and quality not so strict. International chain restaurants like McDonald’s can be found across Bulgaria, while the Bulgarian fast-food chain Happy Bar & Grill is also very popular, with low prices and a dependable menu. Note that restaurants, including fast-food chains, are more expensive in seaside resorts like Sunny Beach than anywhere else in Bulgaria.