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Apartments in Bulgaria

Holiday apartments in Bulgaria are mainly available in the Black Sea resorts and in a few of the bigger ski resorts. Usually these are very modern, purpose-built blocks with very good facilities, and are ideal if you’re travelling in a larger group and prefer to cook for yourselves. Most of the new apartments in Bulgaria are managed by international companies, and are you can book these online. The prices for renting apartments in Bulgaria are very variable and depend on location, size, facilities and so on. An average two bedroom apartment on the Black Sea coast will cost around 150-200 Euros per week, but you should shop around for the best deals. The Black Sea coast in particular has seen a massive increase in apartment construction in recent years, and many of these places have been hastily built, sometimes in inconvenient or not very attractive locations, in order to make a quick profit, so do be careful when selecting your holiday apartment in Bulgaria.

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