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Bulgaria Bed and Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast in Bulgaria

There are numerous bed & breakfast establishments all across Bulgaria, at a wide range of prices, from modern city hotels to quaint rural guesthouses, many of which offer great value for money. The Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism publishes the annual Bulgaria Bed & Breakfasts Guidebook, which you can buy in travel agencies, and this is a vary handy resource if you’re going to be travelling around the country. It lists the best small guesthouses around the country, mainly in rural locations. The best B&B’s in Bulgaria are family-run guesthouses in the smaller towns and villages, which generally provide a high standard of comfort and service. Some are in older properties, and can be very atmospheric. There are no reliable rating systems, but those recommended in guidebooks and by local agencies will be of a decent standard. Traditional breakfasts can include a variety of home-made produce – no two establishments are likely to offer exactly the same set-up – such as freshly made bread, home-made jams and preserves, cheese, yoghurt and fruit. In smaller B&B’s you may have to share a bathroom. Prices vary according to location and facilities, and a double room can cost anything from 15 Euros to 50 Euros.

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