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There’s a huge choice of hotels in Bulgaria, ranging from modest, family-run hotels offering simple but clean and comfortable accommodation at very reasonable rates, right up to glitzy five-star hotels in Sofia and the main holiday resorts, including big international chains, which will cost pretty much the same as in Western Europe. In many provincial towns, you will still come across ageing, former state-run hotels which are sometimes shabby and neglected, but there has been a massive increase in modern good quality hotels across Bulgaria in recent years. The most expensive hotels are in Sofia and, in summer, in the Black Sea resorts, but elsewhere there are plenty of bargains to be found. Prices vary enormously, but around 30 Euros or so for a double room in a decent 3 star hotel in a provincial town is average. Breakfast is often, though not always, included. The easiest way to make a reservation is by phone, and it helps to know at least a little Bulgarian. More upmarket hotels may have an online booking system, but otherwise, you could approach the local tourist office for help with arranging your hotel in Bulgaria. It’s worth remembering that credit cards are still not commonly accepted in Bulgarian hotels, so unless you’re staying at an international 5 star hotel you may have to pay with a large pile of banknotes. Many hotels also accept Euros. Many hotels in ski resorts and on the coast will close out of season, and those that do remain open will offer much cheaper rates.

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