Cairo: Couples Holiday

Mother Of All Cities

Cairo Couples Holiday

Cairo is a great place for couples to spend a holiday. There are plenty of cultural aspects to Cairo with many tourist attractions and points of reference. Discover the mysteries of the Pyramids and Sphinx or explore the ancient ruins of Memphis, the oldest city in the world. As well as the many tourist sites and museums, there are also plenty of activities for couples to enjoy in Cairo, such as a Nile cruise or ride on camel back. A couples holiday in Cairo is a great place to explore some of the unanswered mysteries of the world together and for the inquisitive mind reach your own conclusions.

And if you're looking for a bit of adventure - Discover treasures of the Pharaohs, a camel ride across the desert, investigate the mysteries of the Sphinx and the mysticism of Mount Sinai, an adventure holiday in Cairo has to be one of the most fascinating expeditions in the world. There are a number of tour operators offering adventure package holidays in Cairo and also many others offering tours if you want to travel independently to be free to explore other tourist attractions during your stay in Cairo. The wealth of history and countless conspiracy theories make Egypt one of the most fascinating destinations for explorers and the inquisitive mind making Cairo the idea choice for an adventure holiday.