Cairo: Honeymoon

Mother Of All Cities

Cairo Honeymoon

Cairo is not the most conventional place to go for a honeymoon though there is plenty to do in many romantic settings. As well as the popular tourist attractions such as the Pyramids and Sphinx, ancient cities and churches and fascinating museums, Cairo also offers mystery and adventure for the honeymoon couple. Take a romantic cruise along the Nile or ride camel back in the Sahara or simply sit and watch the sun set over this amazing backdrop. Should you want to relax on a beach, 83 miles from Cairo is the Red Sea which is home to some of the most astonishing beaches, lush golden sands and clear blue seas. If you want a hassle free honeymoon though, Cairo is not the best place to be as the Egyptians insist on being tipped for everything - and not just in a service capacity. If somebody gives you directions, they expect to be paid for it and it is as easy to get into disagreements as it is to run up a hefty bill in tips.