Cairo: Winter Sun

Mother Of All Cities

Winter is the best time to visit Cairo due to the gruelling heat during the summer months. Cairo gets the sun virtually all year round and it very rarely rains. When it does, the Nile is prone to flash floods, which is welcomed by local farmers. The temperature in Cairo over the winter months is between 10-20 degrees Celsius, though it does get cool at night so be sure to pack a warm jumper. Du to the climate, Cairo is most popular with tourists looking to soak up some winter sun, though because Egypt is predominantly Muslim the Christian festivals are often low key. However, if you intend to travel around Christmas time you should be aware the Islamic calendar celebrates New Year on the 18th December and they have another national holiday on the 23rd December, whereby many tourist attractions will be closed. If you do want to escape the cold of the UK, a holiday in Cairo is the ideal destination to explore some of Egypt's mysteries in the winter sun.