Cairo: Fishing

Mother Of All Cities

One of the best places to go fishing is along he banks of the Nile in Cairo. The longest river in the world is jam packed with fish of all sizes, but most of them big. It's not uncommon to catch perch the size of carp. Also fishing in Cairo is easy and varied. For best results a fishing cruise along the Nile will take you to some of the best spots for the nig catch, though there are plenty of places where you can fish from the bank - even hotels. As many of the hotels are on the banks of the river, it is common practice for fisherman to sling their hook from inside the hotel grounds. Alternatively you can arrange a fishing trip from Cairo to Lake Nasser where you will sail along the Nile in a fishing boat taking in some of the most popular tourist attractions along the way, before participating on a three day fishing stint in Lake Nasser which is home to some of the largest fresh water fish imaginable.