Cairo: Food Guide - Dining Out

Mother Of All Cities

Cairo Food Guide - Dining Out

Egyptian food is invariably hot, though they also eat a lot of pancake and pizza like food and of course their speciality is kebabs. The smell of skewered kebabs can be found on almost every street and can seriously set the taste buds salivating. There are also many Lebanese restaurants which are predominantly curry houses and are generally slightly hotter than traditional curry houses in the UK. There are plenty of options for eating out in Cairo and there is cuisine from all around the world on offer at reasonable prices. Restaurants where the locals go are cheaper, but the hygiene is not always the best standard and if they have used tap water in meals unaccustomed westerners will invariably fall ill. The safest places to eat in Cairo are the restaurants in the International hotels. Food is cheap in Cairo, but as Muslims don't drink much most of the alcohol is imported and thus expensive. It is also customary to tip which can increase the cost of the bill by about 20%. Hotel meals will cost anything around £20-£30 for a three course meal for two, but closer to £60 if you have alcohol. Restaurants are slightly less expensive. Western fast food restaurants like McDonalds and KFC are comparable prices to the UK, though local fast food like kebabs and falafel are around 50p.