Cairo: Useful Information

Mother Of All Cities

Cairo Useful Information

- In Cairo the currency is the Egyptian Pound which at the time of writing has an exchange rate of 8EGP to the £1 GBP.
- Credits cards are widely accepted using “chip and pin” transactions.
- The traditional High Street banks you see in the UK are not very common in Cairo, though do the banks do offer a good exchange rate and have cash machine facilities.
- Sales tax in Cairo is 10%, though tipping is a custom raising the tax on food bills as high as 20-25%.
- Visitors need a visa before they are allowed entry into Cairo
- A mobile phone network from the UK will still have connectivity though the charge rates will be uplifted. It is advisable to check the charges with your service provider.
- The electricity supply in Cairo is 220v but you will need a twin point adaptor.
- Shorts should not be worn outside the hotel complex and shirts must cover the shoulder
- Any post leaving the country must be covered with Egyptian postage stamps.
- Internet Access can be found in various cafes and hotels.
- Illegal Drugs carry extremely severe sentences partially due to the proportion of drug trafficking that goes through Cairo. Otherwise illegal drugs are virtually non-existent.
- There are a number of leading UK newspapers with special branches in Cairo ensuring that daily newspapers are available in English with up-to-date news.
- Cairo is generally dry and humid though heavy rainfall can sometimes cause the Nile to flood. - The time difference in Cairo is GMT 1
- Mains water is not safe to drink whatsoever. Even in restaurants you should be careful not to eat anything that has been prepared or cooked with tap water. If you are given a bottle of water with the cap unscrewed be wary of drinking it in case an empty bottle has been filled with tap water.
- Cairo is 90% Muslim and 10% Christians.
- Petrol in Egypt is very cheap at around 50p - 70p per gallon.
- Most shops open 9am-7 or 8pm, but are closed all day Friday. Market stalls are open 7am-7pm except Fridays and Sundays.
- There are currently 20 casinos in Cairo.
- During Ramadan in either October or November shops and restaurants are closed most of the day but open til 2am.