Cairo: When to go

Mother Of All Cities

Cairo When to go

The warm climate in Egypt make it an ideal destination to visit almost any time of the year, though it does experience some extraordinary weather conditions that visitor's to Cairo may want to consider before booking their holiday. The summers are particularly hot and very dry and generally last from April to October. Sometimes the heat can be unbearable when tramping around the many tourist attractions that do not provide much shelter. There is no spring or autumn as such in Egypt so the mild winters are more ideal for sight-seeing as opposed to the sweltering heat of the high season. However, during the winter months the nights can turn quite cool so it is wise to pack suitable clothing. Between March and mid-May is not the best time to visit as the area is susceptible to desert winds that whip up a sand storm and blot out the sky, not to mention it prickling the skin and making it difficult to breathe if you get caught up in one. During Ramadan, the ninth month is the Islamic calendar, everything slows down dramatically as a month of fasting ensues. Tourist attractions and public transport have shortened hours and eating out is generally restricted to 5 star hotels. At night however, the streets come alive with celebration and socializing. Unless you want to experience Ramadan in Egypt check your visit does not coincide with Ramadan that year in order to avoid inconvenience.