Cancun: Snorkeling

The Caribbean Jewel of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula

Cancun Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Cancun can be done by anyone, you do not have to be an expert swimmer to enjoy this water sport. If you can float, face down with a mask you have conquered snorkeling. You may also enjoy night snorkeling where some of the ocean inhabitants are just beginning to start their day and others are resting. The ocean is always changing in appearance, tides and fish, Drift over a coral field and see the colorful world below the sea. If you want to avoid the tourists, we recommend a charming little spot called Cenote Azul, where your fellow visitors will all Mexicans and it cost just 50 pesos ($3.40) to get in and another 50 to rent a mask and snorkel. Just some of the many other operations include Cristalino, Dos Ojos, Escondido, Gran Cenote, Orquídea, Río Secreto, Tres Bocas and Xunaan-Ha.