Cancun: Water Skiing

The Caribbean Jewel of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula

Water sports in Cancun

Many beachside hotels offer water-sports centers that offer rentals for rubber rafts, kayaks, motorized jets and water skis and parasailing. On the calm Nichupte Lagoon are outlets for water-skiing, sailboats, water jets, and water skis. All the Cancun Watersports centers use environmentally sensitive technology to minimize fuel-related contamination. Mexican law prohibits touching the animals or coral reefs, collecting rocks, sand, seashells or any natural object in the water or on the beach. Those violating these laws may be prosecuted.

Windsurfing in Cancun

Cancun is a perfect place to try windsurfing. The soft winds of the Mexican Caribbean and the serenity of its waters make Cancun perfect for windsurfing. Many of the hotels and marinas have qualified instructors to help you, and after a few hours of instruction and on-the-beach training, you will be ready to hit the waves. Most windsurfing is done in Laguna Nichupté or along the northern beaches in Bahia de Mujeres. It is not advisable to windsurf along the eastern beaches that lead out to open seas.

Jet Skiing in Cancun

Jet skiing in Cancun can be a wonderful way to enjoy the sights and the Caribbean Sea. You can rent a jet ski on the beachside or the lagoon side. The cost will be somewhere between 500 pesos per 30 minutes. This can become very expensive if you plan on using the Jet Ski for half a day. Make sure you stay in the designated Jet Ski areas, these areas are marked by buoys. Speed is not a problem and you can go just as fast you would like. You must be 18 years of age to drive a jet ski and it is required that you wear a life jacket.