Cancun: History

The Caribbean Jewel of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula

Cancun History

Cancun was a deserted island less than 40 years ago and not many people knew it existed. It merely consisted of a series of sand dues in the shape of the number 7 in an almost forgotten part of Mexico. Some of the widest parts were only 66 feet wide, which were separated by two very narrow canals that opened onto a huge lagoon. Cancun contributes a large percentage to Mexico’s tourist revenue, and accounts for alot of the gross domestic produce. From the beginning, Cancun has been the nation's most dynamic city. It contributes a large percentage of Mexico’s tourism-related revenue and accounts for much of Quintana Roo's gross domestic product. Cancun has become Mexico’s largest tourism resort, surpassing the Bahamas and Puerto Rico as the Caribbean's premier destination. Cancun offers a captivating mixture of culture, tradition and modernity.