Cancun: Local Travel Info

The Caribbean Jewel of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula

Cancun Local Travel Info

To and from Cancun International Airport

Many transfer services are offered from the airport at Cancun International Airport. Most transfer services in Cancun have selling booths at the airport. Make sure you go to an official booth, alternatively you can book a shuttle transfer online before hand, either one way or for a round trip. Prices are set by the airport and are not negotiable. A first class bus service is available at the ADO bus station, taxi’s from the ADO bus station to the airport cost about 300 pesos.

International flights

Cancun International Airport is Mexico's second busiest airport. It is about 10km from the main hotel area. Cancun has many transport links, and you can find very reasonable charter flights for about £100. When arriving in Cancun, make sure you find your correct transport, they will be waiting on the outside of the luggage carousel.

Taxis in Cancun

Cancun taxis are not hard to find. Taxis may be a bit pricey at the airport and hotel area, but downtown they are cheaper. You will find the taxi fares at hotel receptions and shopping centers. Taking a taxi downtown in Cancun should be around 20 pesos per trip as it is a fixed fare. Make sure you check with your taxi driver before leaving to avoid any misunderstanding. Rates are set per kilometer as there are no meters. You may be able to get a 10% discount if you ask. In Cancun Taxi’s, be clear when making various stops or sharing with someone as you may be charged twice the initial amount. The fare should be from starting destination to end destination. Regardless of what happens in between.

Car Hire in Cancun

Although car rental in Cancun a cheap option, renting a car in Cancun is not recommended for your own safety. While some of the roads are in good condition, some may be sand roads or have really huge potholes. In Cancun it is not uncommon for the police to stop tourists, especially the younger tourists, for a minor violation and then let you go with a bribe. If you are stopped by the police, be respectful and you will get yourself out of the situation with not much hassle. A car in Cancun is not a necessity as there is plenty of public transport at your disposal. Night driving is not recommended at all as it is dangerous. Many roads are not properly lit, other drivers may not use their headlights, potholes, jay walkers and robberies are common


Buses in Cancun are a great way to get around. Buses are cheap and are available everywhere. In general bus drivers are courteous to the passengers and may stop for you even outside of a designated bus stop. A lot of the bus drivers speak English and will be able to give you useful information. Fares are paid per person, and you will be given a printed receipt. On the down side, buses are generally not air conditioned and have no cushions. Cancun buses can also be fairly cramped and rough. Bus drivers believe that the one with the most passengers will earn the most money, and this can mean a wild ride. Entertainment is often provided by locals playing their instrument of choice. A full bus can also mean you are an easy target for pickpocketers so be careful. When you are at your destination, push the button on the rail, alternatively you can ask your bus driver to tell you where to get off, by pointing out your destination on the map


Colectivos are a distinctly Mexican form of transport, sometimes known as “combi’s”. Colectivos are minivans with flexible routes that pick up many tourists headed for the same place. In the hotel areas, the minivans may be newer and air conditioned, out of the hotel area the Colectivos may be a bit more rustic. Some of the older Colectivos are still in use, they are generally a blue pick up truck with a tarpaulin on the back. In Cancun, you can hail a Colectivo at the La Comercial parking lot, hotels or even the side of the highway. For a one way trip from Cancun to Playa del Carmen expect to pay about 30 pesos. Generally the rate is fixed, so even if you only go for a short distance you will pay the full fee. Colectivos run about every 5 – 15 minutes between 5am- 10 pm.

Scooters in Cancun

Cancun is not the place to learn how to ride a scooter, as it can be extremely dangerous. By law you are required to wear a helmet. You should read the fine print if choosing to rent a scooter, as you can be held responsible for repairs in case of an accident and no insurance. hiring a scooter in the quieter areas may be a good option for a day trip or a fun way to get back and forth to and from the beach.

Roads in Cancun

The roads in Cancun are well maintained for the most part. Driving in Cancun can be dangerous because Mexican drivers are known to be aggressive and robberies occur frequently. It is advisable to get an international drivers license if you plan to drive in Cancun. Be prepared to get a speeding ticket while driving. Despite the crackdown on bribery, it is handy to have some extra cash on you, about 300 pesos, as the policeman may allow you to pay your ticket on the spot.

Hitchhiking in Cancun

Hitchhiking is common practice in some regions of Cancun. Sometimes money is expected in return for the ride, so if you have no money with you, make it clear before accepting a ride. Hitchhiking is considered fairly safe and easy in Cancun.