Cancun: Useful Information

The Caribbean Jewel of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula

Cancun Useful Information

- Cancun’s ocean currents can be strong. Before swimming it is best to check with the hotel or lifeguards on duty and take note of the red flags on the beach. If you are not a good swimmer, then don’t swim as the weather can change within minutes in Cancun. Rain storms can occur in an instant, and will pass as quickly as they arrive. Be careful in the water if there is lightning.

- It is advisable to only use ATM’s inside banks and hotels, try and avoid using ATM at petrol stations, pharmacies and shops as identity theft is common.

- Do not drink the water unless your hotel has a water purification system. Bottled water usually costs about 30-50 pesos.

- When leaving Mexico, make sure you have enough money with you, as the government charges a travel tax to leave the airport of about 500 pesos. Some major airlines add this tax to your flight, so check with your airline beforehand.

- Accommodation also requires a tax of about 2 % hospitality tax and don’t forget the 10% Value Added tax (VAT).