Cape Verde: Hiking Activity Holiday

An Archipelago of 10 Volcanic Islands

Cape Verde Hiking Activity Holiday

Trekking is one of the great activities on Cape Verde; and with its lush hinterland, beautiful beaches and wondrous stretches of coastline, offers everything a hiking holidaymaker could want on its sun-drenched collection of islands. The most popular island among walkers is Santo Antao, because of its spectacular landscapes. The island has a vast mountain range offering great views and a wonderfully diverse flora, and in the island's interior there are green valleys and fertile forests, while the coast is rugged. There are several marked trails on the island, but it is also possible to hire a guide for your walking trip. Further afield, steep paths crisscross Bravo, the flower island, and walking in Fogo's volcano crater is a unique experience. Take switchback routes in the ribeiras (normally dry river valleys) of Sao Tiago. There are also some superb walks within the green and mountainous heart of quiet little Sao Nicolau Island. Guided tours are available on every island, proving to be affordable and regular as well as offering an invaluable look at some of Cape Verde’s most picturesque hikes and jaw-dropping scenescapes. A real must for hiking enthusiasts.