Cape Verde: Sailing Activity Holiday

An Archipelago of 10 Volcanic Islands

Cape Verde Sailing Activity Holiday

Cape Verde has numerous islands perfect for sailing, not onli are there plenty of places to rent first-rate sailing equipment, Cape Verde is situated in the North-East Passat winds so there is enough wind for sailors all year round. During the Winter months (October to March) winds can be strong with around 70% of the winds 4 – 7 Beaufort. During the Summer months (April to September) winds are less strong with around 45% of the winds 4 – 7 Beaufort. There are no hurricanes or heavy storms in the Cape Verde Islands.

Most sailors visit the islands during the Winter months when the weather in Europe is not so good for sailing. The distances between the islands are relatively long (up to 120 miles) and it is important to be aware that there is little nautical infrastructure available on the islands. However, each island offers fishing harbours and bays where it is possible to anchor safely. It is possible to charter a yacht with or without the services of a skipper. Sailors who hire without a skipper should be experienced as the Cape Verde islands do not offer any form of air/sea rescue service. The yachts are stationed in Mindelo on the island of Sao Vicente. Most sailors normally hire for a 2 week period which allows sailing around most of the islands. Because of the convenient location of these islands, an increasing number of yachts about to cross the Atlantic stop in Cape Verde. They can refuel and take advantage of the few facilities available, i.e. boat repair, food and water supplies. The best equipped harbours are on Sal, Sao Vicente and Santiago, while on the other less developed islands, the safety of the anchorage depends on the weather condition. Overall, Cape Verde is a fantastic and awe-inspiring sailing destination, but only for experienced sailors and holidaymakers who know how to sail.