Cape Verde: Shopping Holiday

An Archipelago of 10 Volcanic Islands

Cape Verde Shopping Holiday

Cape Verde certainly isn’t the place to shop ’til you drop, but if peeking your head around colourful doorways to see what you find sounds like your kind of retail therapy, then you’ll love shopping in Cape Verde. Santa Maria is the most popular holiday destination, found on the southern tip of Sal island. Here, in addition to the two banks and supermarket, a delightful mixed bag of shops await you, from surf places selling beach gear to rustic makeshift shops painted in every colour of the rainbow where you can buy intricately carved wooden masks and brightly coloured canvas’ by local artists. Have a browse, and maybe a barter, at the indoor market which is bursting with jewellery, clothing and fresh produce stalls, and don’t miss the Centro de Artesanato, an arts and crafts store with shelves full of elegant ceramic pieces and leather goods. Shopping in the islands is low-key and is mainly in local markets. Toiletries and other day-to-day items can be expensive as most things are imported, but the markets are a great place to look for handicrafts. Basket-weaving is a popular past-time, and artists fashion utensils and figurines from clay. Overall, Cape Verde is hardly a shopping destination for holidaymakers wanting haute couture, but there are main bespoke gems and excellent local shops to be found scattered across Cape Verde’s islands, making it a good destination for holidaymakers looking for a unique shopping experience.