Cape Verde: Winter Sun

An Archipelago of 10 Volcanic Islands

Cape Verde Winter Sun

Cape Verde enjoys a temperate climate year-round and is a perfect destination for holidaymakers who fancy a spot of winter sun. Cape Verde is pleasant year-round. Even during the so-called rainy season from mid-August to mid-October, weeks can go by without a downpour. Thanks to cooling ocean currents and offshore winds, Cape Verde has the lowest temperatures of any country in West Africa, and also some of the most moderate, ranging from a minimum night-time average of 19°C in February to a maximum daytime average of 29°C from May to November. From December to March you may need a sweater in the evenings, especially at higher altitudes. Winter months are also marked by gusty winds, which blow in dust all the way from the Sahara. Also be sure to stick out the winter sun and enjoy the spectacular new year’s eve celebrations, giant street parties across each of the islands and several of the main beaches. Overall, despite the sometimes irksome winds, there is plenty of fun in the sun to be had on a winter sun holiday in Cape Verde.