Cape Verde: Mountain Climbing

An Archipelago of 10 Volcanic Islands

Cape Verde Mountain Climbing

Cape Verde offers up some of the best areas of natural beauty to mountain climb in the world: there are wonderful trails around the volcano on Fogo and in the rugged mountains of Santa Antao. Because getting to either of these islands requires an unreliable inter-island flight and a ferry, it is essential to organise a programme in advance.

The usual practice is to have a minibus departure after breakfast with packed lunch to be eaten during the trek with another minibus recovery in the evenings. It is relatively cooler on Santa Antao and Fogo than on many other tropical islands because of the trade wind which can be fresh at times, off the mountain slopes. It is the environment, the nature around you, the beauty of the desert and the island that count. If you run with local kids then you will feel in heaven. The favourite weather is hot. Carry a water bottle, and run without music for it is best to listen to the desert song - sheer silence. The night sky full of stars takes your breath away.