Cape Verde: Nightlife

An Archipelago of 10 Volcanic Islands

Cape Verde Nightlife

Cape Verde nightlife revolves around music. On Sal local music, which fuses African, Brazilian and Portuguese influences, can be enjoyed all along Santa Maria Beach. In Santa Maria the Barracuda dance bar at the Riu Garopa and Pirata are good dancing options. The port town of Mindelo on São Vicente boasts the archipelago's finest music venues, the most venerable being the Café Musica (Rua Lisboa). Mindelo also has several dance clubs where you can move to the rhythms of the morna folk music. Also a must for holidaymakers who love nightlife is the live music on São Vicente. The island’s most famous daughter is Cesaria Evora, an internationally-known singer who performs in the traditional style. The deep-water port of Mindelo is a lively town with old colonial buildings and a thriving local music scene. São Vicente’s Carnival is the liveliest in Cape Verde, while the traditional Baia das Gatas Festival, which usually falls in August, has become internationally renowned for the standard of its music. Overall, while there is not a huge amount of nightlife in Cape Verde, there is enough to suit most people looking for an authentic island experience.