Cape Verde: Sightseeing

An Archipelago of 10 Volcanic Islands

Cape Verde Sightseeing

In terms of stunning areas of natural beauty and some unforgettable locales, there is a great deal on offer for holidaymakers looking for a sightseeing break in Cape Verde. There is not a lot of sightseeing to be done in the form of buildings and museums, the only exception to this is Santiago, where you can find few museums and the old city of Ribeira Grande, the first European city in the tropics, with fort, the remains of a cathedral and churches. For those looking for a chance to witness some local culture, São Vicente’s Carnival is the liveliest in Cape Verde, while the traditional Baia das Gatas Festival, which is usually in August, has become internationally renowned for the standard of its music. Trekking is one of the most popular activities on Cape Verde and one of the best wais to see all that there is to see, Santa Antao is particularly notable with green valleys and mountainous peaks. Also a must is the wonderful scenery at the summit of Pico de Fogo, a fantastic volcanic cone, which is one of the best in the world. It is well worth the effort of a day’s climb to explore Ribeira Grande Mountain. With the large variety of bird species such as the rare, nocturnal ngon-ngon, recently placed on the endangered species list, bird watching on the islands is a popular pastime. You can arrange a special tour to take in these fabulous birds. The journey upto the crater at Pico de Fogo is physically demanding but the climb is, however, well worth it for the stunning views and birds. Overall, while there is not a huge amount of cultural heritage sites or museums, Cape Verde offers a plethora of natural beauty for any and all holidaymakers who enjoy sightseeing.