Cape Verde: Surfing

An Archipelago of 10 Volcanic Islands

Cape Verde Surfing

It's the beaches that attract sun-lovers and sport enthusiasts to Cape Verde, and surfing is a first-class option for holidaymakers looking for an adrenaline-rush. Even people familiar with the waters around Hawaii rave about the wind and the waves in Cape Verde! The best surf spots are on Sal—its most famous wave is at Ponta Preta—and on Sao Tiago at Tarrafal. Santa Maria on Sal and the shallow bay on Boavista are two popular destinations for windsurfing. World speed records have been set in Sao Pedro Bay on Sao Vicente. Santa Maria has been rated among the world's top five windsurfing locations. Even if you are not world-champion standard, there is a choice of places to surf, and beginners can find more sheltered spots. The good thing about Sal is that being a small island, if the surf is not just right in one place, it's fast to get around and try another spot. The island of Boavista also has many established centres offering the sport. All equipment can be hired, and proves surprisingly affordable. Overall, Cape Verde is a perfect location for a surfing holiday, so regardless of the scope of your budget or ability, you will find plenty of surfing excitement to suit everyone.