Cape Verde: Costs

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Cape Verde Costs

Cape Verde is renowned for having comparatively low taxes and inflation, so prices are fairly stable. Manufactured goods like clothes tend to be slightly more expensive but commodities like food and wine are both high in quality and low in cost. Due to high tourist rates, accommodation is varied, well priced and you can get quite a lot for fairly little. Transport is fairly inexpensive and is both convenient and regular. Overall, although prices over the last couple of years have risen with the times, Cape Verde still offers great value for money

Some typical costs in Cape Verde are:
Guest Houses: £25 upwards for 3 star
Hotels: £70 upwards for 3 star
Pint of bitter: £2
Pint of lager: £2
25ml of whisky: £1
Can of Coke: £0.60
Cup of coffee: £0.50
Breakfast: £8
Lunch: £13
Dinner: £18
Cigarettes pack of 20: £3
Buses: £2-10 per journey