Cape Verde: Food Guide - Dining Out

An Archipelago of 10 Volcanic Islands

Cape Verde Food Guide - Dining Out

There are many bars and restaurants throughout many of the Cape Verde Islands. Unlike the Caribbean, eating and drinking out is relatively inexpensive. Unless you really go off the beaten-track, you will generally find somewhere to get food and drink. Santa Maria, Sal and Mindelo, Sao Vicente probably have the widest choice of places which suit both locals and tourists, restaurants serving local and international food, snack bars, and beach bars. New establishments are opening all the time in Santa Maria, Sal including a new French/Cape Verdean restaurant at the famous Ponta Preta beach where the surf can be quite tremendous. Santiago and Sal offer the best selection of restaurants of all the islands in the archipelago, and visitors will find eateries offering both local and European cuisines.

Seafood lovers will be in paradise, for there's a wide range from which to select. The lobster is great (and cheap). So are the tropical fruits, vegetables and Cachupa (corn and bean stew). There's a strong Portuguese influence in the Creole-style cooking and seasoning. Spicy Portuguese sausage known as Linguica or Chourico is excellent but may be hard to find. Grogue is the local sugarcane brew, and Coral is the local beer. Also recommended is the excellent local wine made on Fogo.