Cape Verde: Suggested Itinerary

An Archipelago of 10 Volcanic Islands

Day 1: Start your Cape Verde island-hopping beginning with Sal. Whilst on Sal, visit the Pedra de Lume salt flats, which still produce salt, but not in the abundant amounts of its heyday. On your journey around the island, stop off for a quick visit of Espargos, Porto de Palmeira and hope to see a mirage in the middle of the desert.

Day 2: Next up is the exotic Santiago. Santiago is a very different island to Sal and is one of the most balanced islands in terms of its geology. The craggy mountainous interior is evened out by green valleys, southern plantations and a few beautiful beaches. Drive around the whole island, stopping off to explore some noteworthy sights.

Day 3: Spend time in Cidade Velha, the old capital of Santiago until 1770. Today, the villagers live amongst the ruins of the numerous churches with the great hill fort behind them. The drive through the centre of the island is spectacular, with craggy cliff tops and views into valleys on either side of the road and when the weather is clear the island of Maio is visable.

Day 4: The next island to visit is the natural fires of Fogo. Fogo rises sharply from the ocean and its name comes from the word 'Fire'. The main reason for coming to Fogo is to visit Cha das Caldeiras, the crater of the active volcano and you could spend a whole day exploring inside. Since 1785, all eruptions have been inside the crater and the floor is a very fertile place.

Days 5-6: Relax for a couple of days on the beautiful beaches of Sal before journeying on to the stunning island of Santiago. Explore the market, hike through the lush, green, mountainous interior or laze by the pool. In the evening the capital, Praia, comes to life with live music in the bars and restaurants and nightclubs open until the early hours.

Day 7: Return flight from Praia, having experienced all the natural wonders of these stunning islands.