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Colombia Backpacking

Colombia was not known as a popular backpacking destination, owing largely to the volatile crime situation in the country, but of late, with an improved security system in place, backpacking holidays in Colombia are gaining popularity. Colombia has all the makings of a perfect backpacking destination in terms of terrain, climate, ancient ruins and monuments, scenic natural surroundings and most importantly, affordability. So long as backpackers stick to safe zones and avoid areas of conflict or dangerous parts of the country, a backpacking holiday in Colombia can be an experience of a lifetime! A few main areas which are frequented by tourists on a backpacking holiday in Colombia include Park Tayrona which is a favorite with backpackers. Park Tayrona is a great place to hang out for a few days, weeks or even longer. The beaches are quite spectacular and the place has quite a chilled, even hippy like feel to it. Ciudad Perdida, Colombia’s ‘lost city’ is another popular haunt for backpackers on the lookout for an adventurous holiday. It’s a five day hike through the rainforest to spectacular ancient ruins. Other popular locations for a backpacking holiday in Colombia are San Cipriano, the capital city of Bogota, the colonial city of San Gil which doubles as Colombia’s adventure sports capital and Cali which is a favorite with men especially, owing to the beautiful women and exciting nightlife!