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The beaches of Colombia along the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean are some of the best in the world. The country’s coastline has an outstanding selection of beaches making for a perfect beach holiday in Colombia. The most popular beaches in the country are found on the islands of Park Tayrona, Santa Marta and Rosario. A beach holiday in Colombia takes tourists to Cartagena which is also renowned for its beautiful beaches. San Andres is an archipelago 750kms northwest of the mainland in the Caribbean and attracts visitors to its natural beauty and excellent scuba diving. A favorite haunt for snorkellers and scuba divers, San Andres boasts beautiful turquoise waters and miles and miles of coral reefs harboring an abundance of varied marine life. There are some interesting holiday resorts on the Pacific coast of Choco as well. Playa Larga in El Valle is an outstanding beach. Capurgana and the San Bernardo Islands are also on Colombia's Caribbean coast and have some beautiful beaches - these are the least visited areas of this coastline and perfect for a secluded and peaceful beach holiday in Colombia.