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Colombia is growing increasingly popular as a destination for camping. Planned camping is advised, as unplanned or spur of the moment camping can be dangerous. With a huge improvement in the safety and security in the country, a camping holiday in Colombia has gained popularity and the number of camping opportunities is expanding. Always camp in areas specifically maintained for camping, and seek prior permission. Although the number of campsites is growing throughout the country, they are rarely signposted from main roads and can often be difficult to find. A few free sites can be found throughout the country and others go from as little as $1 per person per night. Some national parks also offer the opportunity to camp and are generally safer than non-supervised camping. Hostels are increasingly catching on to the popularity of camping for budget travelers and nature lovers and are offering camping opportunities in their grounds. A camping holiday in Colombia is not only restricted to the outskirts of cities or islands. The capital city of Bogota has a number of camp sites in and around the city. The most popular destination for a camping holiday in Colombia remains the Tayrona National Park