Colombia: City Breaks

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Colombia City Breaks

City breaks in Colombia are all about shopping, entertainment and sightseeing in the most popular cities of the country, namely, Bogota, Cartagena and Medellin. Bogota is the most popular destination for city breaks in Colombia. The people, nightlife, art and spectacular mountain setting are just a few of the myriad charms of the Colombian city of Bogota. Popular activities while on a city break in Colombia’s capital of Bogota include walks around Usaquén, the protected “Colonial” buildings, squares and museums, humming with markets, bohemian art and restaurants. Detours to take in the fruit and vegetable markets are always worthwhile – there will be things you’ve never seen before and villagers in traditional costume selling their wares. The evenings are usually reserved for nightclubs on the mountain road to La Calera; they’re informal, and the music is fantastic. Look out for “orchestras” playing salsa and boogaloo. If you can’t dance, no matter, someone will come forward to teach you.