Colombia: Corporate Weekend

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Colombia Corporate Weekend

A corporate weekend in Colombia offers lots to do in terms of sightseeing, adventure sports or plain simple partying. Depending on the group, activities on a corporate weekend in Colombia are endless. The city of San Gil is popular for its adventure sports activities and a popular spot for corporate weekends in Colombia. From whitewater rafting, paragliding, caving, day walks, horse riding, paintball, kayaking, you name it, and a lot of things are free too. Bogota offers museums, plazas and some of the best shopping in Colombia. The city of Medellin, which is the 2nd largest in Colombia, is another city frequented for corporate weekends in Colombia. Filled with beautiful museums, antique churches and monuments, markets, bars and pubs, Medellin is largely popular as a destination for corporate weekends in Colombia. The country scores 5 on 10 as a corporate weekend destination due to the travel time needed.