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Colombia’s proximity to the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean allow for cruises around the country. There are a number of cruise liners offering tourists competitive packages. The best time to travel by cruise is in off season where you can pick up highly discounted cruises in Colombia. With a major improvement in the security of the country, cruises in Colombia are hugely in demand. Cruises in Colombia are surrounded around Cartagena with nearly all major cruise liners making calls at the city. Cartagena is a fascinating city, nearly surrounded by lagoons, bays and the Caribbean Sea. Almost all excursions include a stop at the mall for jewelry shopping (the city is famous for emeralds). For those not interested in expensive jewelry, bargaining is expected at Las Bovedas, where coffee beans and handicrafts are good buys. Santa Marta is great to lie back and relax in while san Andres and Providencia offer some great reef snorkeling. Most cruises dock for a whole day so tourists have ample time to explore the islands. Colombia scores 6 on 10 as a destination for cruises.