Colombia: Culture and Arts

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Colombia Culture and Arts

The countless museums of Colombia stand witness to the great art and culture legacy of the country, making for an interesting culture and art holiday in Colombia. The capital city of Bogota is known as Colombia’s cultural cartel with countless art and culture museums, providing an interesting culture and art holiday in Colombia. The Colombia National Museum is the oldest in the country and one of the oldest in the continent, built in 1823. The museum houses a collection of over 20,000 pieces including works of art and objects representing different national history periods. The Bogota Museum of Colonial Art has a rich collection of Creole religious sculpture and painting. The Gold Museum in Bogotá possesses the world’s finest and largest collection of worked gold, the product of extraordinarily skilled craftsmen. Art galleries flourish all over Colombia. Bogotá has a number of renowned galleries that include the Alcuadrado Gallery, El Museo Gallery, Cano Gallery, Art Gallery 19, Alonso Garces Gallery, Quinta Gallera, Galearte, Carrion Vivar, and the Fenalco Gallery among others.