Colombia: Hiking Activity Holiday

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Colombia Hiking Activity Holiday

There are unlimited opportunities for a hiking holiday in Colombia as Colombia offers some of the best trekking in all of South America. The vast geographic terrain of the country provides hikers with a lot of options to choose from, for their hiking holiday in Colombia. The National Parks of Los Nevados and Sierra Nevada Del Cocuy are the best parks to hike in. The scenery in all these parks is quite spectacular. Colombia's most famous trek is the Indiana Jones style 5 day rainforest hike to the ruins of Ciudad Perdida. Another interesting hike is to El Pico. The highest point on the rugged island of Providencia, El Pico offers breathtaking views over the whole island, its azure bays, white sandy beaches, mangroves that are home to migratory birds, quaint settlements and of MacBean lagoon. The hike from Calaboza to Canaveral is another interesting trek while on your hiking holiday in Colombia. Some hikes are day hikes, while some last 5 days to a week.