Colombia: Safari Activity Holiday

Colombia's Back!

Safaris in Colombia take tourists to the region of Leticia, at the southern tip of Colombia, and the beginning of the Amazon rainforests. In previous years the area of Leticia was plagued with guerilla forces, but now there is no such menace, and the region receives tourists on a regular basis, out to enjoy safaris in Colombia. Year round, there's lots of wildlife to be seen in the Amazon region, including monkeys and dolphins, and array of birdlife and there are also indigenous villages that can be visited. You might also go fishing or Caiman spotting. There are numerous tour operators offering day tours and rainforest excursions in Leticia - as a rule of thumb, ignore anyone that approaches you directly, and try to get a suggested tour operator from your hotel in Leticia. There are a number of jungle lodges for accommodation in Leticia, providing comfortable accommodation in the midst of beautiful natural surroundings. Other areas where safaris in Colombia take place include Patagonia´s Deseado River Natural Reserve and Penguin Island Natural Reserve. Incredible animals like dolphins, sea lions, elephant seals, magellanic and rockhoppers penguins, and many other sea birds species gathered all together in a small area.