Colombia: Shopping Holiday

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Colombia Shopping Holiday

A number of tourists travel to the country just to enjoy a shopping holiday in Colombia. While on your shopping holiday in Colombia, the goods to look out for include gold jewelry, art, antiques and leather products. Colombia produces first-grade precious stones, and the emeralds are among the most perfect in the world. Bogotá has numerous large shopping malls as well as several distinct shopping districts. On a shopping holiday in Colombia check out the local handicrafts, cotton, wood and leather goods, woolen blankets, hammocks, ruana, and traveling bags which are popular as well. Bogotá and Cartagena are the places to be in to spend a shopping holiday in Colombia, among other cities. Shopping centers and malls abound in these cities, but the local markets house the main treasures! Make it a point to visit the weekly markets, and you are sure to pick up some amazing goods. For crafts and souvenirs head to Artesanias de Colombia.