Colombia: Food and Drink

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Colombia Food and Drink

Food is of great importance in Colombia and utmost care is taken in preparing Colombian food. Colombian cuisine is heavily influenced by Spanish, Peruvian and Brazilian cuisines. A few staple Colombian delicacies that are found in most parts of the country include ‘ajiaco’ which is a chicken soup with potatoes, corn and capers, ‘bandeja paisa’ which is ground beef, chorizo, beans, fried plantains, fried egg, chicarrón, and avocado, ‘buñuelos’ that is deep fried corn flour balls with cheese in the dough, ‘arepas’ which are rather thick corn tortillas, often made with cheese and served with butter and ‘tamales’ pork, rice and vegetables mix, steamed in banana leaves. Colombia is home to numerous tropical fruits endemic to the country and rarely found elsewhere. Fruit and juice stands are found all over the place, particularly on the Caribbean coast. Colombians wash down their food with endless cups of coffee, rum and beer. Some of the popular local drinks include Aguardiente which is a fiery aniseed-flavored spirit, Canelazo which is a rum-based cocktail taken hot or cold, Tinto which is small black coffee and Aguila beer.