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Colombia Hiking - Walking

Travelers can spend weeks hiking in Colombia through the countryside. Trails lead to many of the archaeological sites, making for good day trips. Several-day treks, like the Macizo Colombiano, take you to crystalline lagoons sparkling on the páramo and the headwaters of the Magdalena River. A popular ramble is the El Purutal-to-El Tablón circuit. Another all-day excursion, now said to be quite safe, is the trail to Alto de los Ídolos. Less-visited sites, such as Alto de las Guacas and the caves at Lavaderos, are quite interesting as well. The National Parks of Los Nevados and Sierra Nevada Del Cocuy are the best parks to hike in Colombia. The scenery in all these parks is quite spectacular. Colombia's most famous trek is the Indiana Jones style 5 day rainforest hike to the ruins of Ciudad Perdida. San Agustin is also an interesting place for hiking in Colombia.