Colombia: Mountain Climbing

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Colombia Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing in Colombia is a sought after adventure sport. The Sierra Nevada del Cocuy is considered to be one of the most beautiful ranges in the country and the lack of tourists makes for an un-crowded, quiet adventure. The Sierra Nevada has 21-plus peaks over 4900 meters. Some of the mountains to conquer are Ritaku'wa Blanco (5330 m), Ritaku'wa Negro (5300 m), San Pablín Norte (5200 m), El Concavo (5200 m), and El Castillo (5030 m). El Puntiaguado (5200 m) is a curious formation of a stone cube crowned by a stone spire. Rock climbing in Colombia is popular as well. Suesca, near Nemocon, is a popular area for rock climbing. There are rocks suitable for beginner and expert rock climbers.