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Hostels in Colombia offer the cheapest form of accommodation and are usually a favorite with students or backpackers. Every city in the country has a long list of hostels on offer, all located in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the cities and towns. Owing to their low prices, hostels in Colombia are usually full and prior booking are a must. Check listing to ensure a place in your choice of hostel. Hostels are very basic, and generally have sharing accommodation on offer. Dormitories are common, with travelers provided just a bed and a cupboard. Rooms are usually offered on a shared basis, with 2 to 3 people per room. In spite of the space and facility constraints, hostels in Colombia are a great place to meet fellow travelers and gather information. Accommodation in hostels in Colombia is very cheap, with most hostels charging not more than COP$4000 (US$2) a night.

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