Copenhagen: Cruises

The Paris of the North

Copenhagen Cruises

Copenhagen boasts the longest cruise ship pier outside Miami. Travellers can take a Baltic Sea Cruise, which stops at the countries of the Baltic Sea Region (including 10 countries such as Russia, Norway, Finland, Germany and Holland) and 26 destinations.

Most cruise passengers arrive in Copenhagen at one of three places: Copenhagen Airport (Copenhagen serves as the initial port of departure for many cruises); or for those arriving by sea, Langelinie Pier or Freeport Terminal.

Just a few minutes’ walk away from the cruise ship pier, visitors are greeted by the royal palace, the home of the world’s oldest monarchy. Not far from the palace square you will find The Little Mermaid sitting on the waterfront. The beautiful sculpture – inspired by a fairy tale of H.C. Andersen – can also be enjoyed from the seaside if you go for one of the popular harbour boat trips. More than 320 cruise vessels visit Copenhagen each year and line up at the Langelinie Pier or the harbour area of the Freeport Terminal at Nordhavn.