Copenhagen: Cycling Activity Holiday

The Paris of the North

Copenhagen Cycling Activity Holiday

Copenhagen’s cycling is world famous. From seeing the city in a short amount of time to keeping status as the greenest capital there are bikes everywhere; cycling in Copenhagen is even considered a tourist attraction. There are plenty of bicycle lanes and routes each marked off by green lights. Busy intersections are marked in blue. Tourists can feel assured knowing that Copenhagen is very flat (but don’t feel disheartened if a woman with two children and her groceries goes whizzing past you; Dane’s of every age are excellent cyclists). Helmets are not often worn (except by children). There is plenty of bicycle parking available throughout Copenhagen including all the train stations and transit hubs. Free city bikes are available from mid-April to mid-December at 110 special stands throughout the city.

You can also rent a bike at Københavns Cyklebors, Gothersgade 157. Depending on the bike, daily rates are about - 18 euros; expect deposits. Hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday 10 am to 1:30 pm. See or for more information.

Mountain Biking Holiday in Copenhagen

There are not many opportunities for mountain biking in Copenhagen, one reason being that the country is notoriously flat but one area that is popular for mountain biking is around lake Furesø to the north of Copenhagen; it is Denmark’s longest mountain bike route. Other popular areas include Nøvling where you can find easy to moderate trails ranging from 16 kilometres to 80 kilometres long. Longer trips can take up to 3 days starting in the north in Frederikshavn as part of the Northsea Cycle Route. Mountain bikers will experience both beach and forest.