Copenhagen: Disabled Needs

The Paris of the North

Copenhagen Disabled Needs

Copenhagen is considerably disabled-friendly. Signs mark disabled access for public toilets and metro stations with elevators, as well as disable parking. More than 1300 places in Denmark are accessible for disabled persons. As the Metro is designed to be accessible to all, on the station, there are wheelchair bays on forecourts, lifts from street level to platform, ticket dispensers (In a maximum height of 1200 mm), platform doors at tunnel stations and uniform floor surfacing with “guideways”.

On the trains, there are entrances without steps and flex areas; there is space for guide dogs (but also dog free sections), and names of the stations are announced both over the loud speaker system and on information displays. On S-trains you cannot pre-order assistance for boarding the S-trains. If you want to travel with S-trains, you must face your wheelchair on the platform facing the front coach so you can signal to the driver that you require help for boarding - and alighting if you tell them where you want to get off.

For the train it is advised to make bookings at least 2 days in advance if you need assistance.
You can email Blind people can bring guide dogs free of charge on the train; however, out of consideration for people with allergies, you must respect the animal free zones. Copenhagen airport is also designed so that it is possible for wheelchair users to enter and exit without assistance. There is a lift to all levels and disabled toilets are provided. However, if you need help, you should contact the airport information. Copenhagen busses give impaired mobility travelers special consideration. Most busses have stepless entrances and can exit by the middle door (also steplesss).