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The Paris of the North

Copenhagen Party Holiday - Singles Life

Copenhagen is a late-night city known for its jazz scene, live music venues, discos, bars and gay and lesbian clubs; Copenhagen has something for everyone. Weekends are busiest but the nightlife is still vibrant and often cheaper during the weekdays. If you’re single and looking for crowded dance floors and thumping music you won’t need to look hard or go far. Quiet bars and cafes (such as Zoo Bar) during the day will often turn into cool Dj Bars at night.

Most of the fashionable places in the old town concentrate around the area just north of Stroget near Kongens Nytorv. Trendy nightclubs include Vega, NASA and Rust. Other areas worth visiting for a night out are Norrebro and Vesterbro. Explore the area around Sankt Hans Torv on Norrebro and along Vesterbrogade and Istedgade on Vesterbro. If you fancy a cocktail head to Bar Rouge set in the Hotel Skt Petri. Most bars, taverns and pubs stay open at least until 2 am, and most clubs close at 5 or 6 am.

Single Scene for girls in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a highly recommended destination for single girls. Copenhagen offers single girls plenty of cafes, galleries and museums, as well as green spaces to read a book, relax and people watch; but the main draw is the shopping. Copenhagen has no shortage of brand name shops, quaint Danish boutiques, exciting home design, or trendy vintage hotspots. In summer spend the day walking around the main sites and the harbour area. The nightlife in Copenhagen usually starts after going out for a sophisticated but relaxed meal at any eatery along the Nyvhvn canals. If you fancy a cocktail head to Bar Rouge where the best cocktails in Copenhagen are set in the Hotel Skt Petri. If you’re single and looking for something more lively Copenhagen offers live music and plenty of bars and clubs. Try Club Mambo for some sizzling salsa and Latin beats. You can also spend a day at the beach at any one of the fabulous beaches just outside Copenhagen.

Touring the city or walking out on the streets as a single girl is safe but at night it might be best to catch a taxi (which are reasonably priced) or take public transportation. Keep to well lit areas and don’t go down any dark streets or alleys. Always carry a map, your accommodation address and if not a mobile phone at least enough money to use a payphone.

Single Scene for guys in Copenhagen

Copenhagen offers a good single scene for men. When you tire from site-seeing, art galleries and endless shopping Copenhagen is a haven with local Carlsberg and Tuborg beers found everywhere. Head to the Carlsberg Brewery to find out how the beer is made, and don’t forget to sample “probably the best beer in the world” with a free self-guided tour.

Cycling is also a major attraction in Copenhagen so try renting a bike and heading out to the coast for a beach day. At night there are too many bars and pubs to choose from, but popular choices include VEGA which boasts a list of international DJ’s, for rock head to The Rock, and for Jazz try the Pressen (an old printing house) and now home to the Jazz Festival.

Night clubs stay open late and gay-oriented men should check out Jailhouse, a prison themed cafe.