Copenhagen: Sailing

The Paris of the North

Copenhagen Sailing

Copenhagen is the perfect base for a sailing. You don’t need to own your own boat to experience the amazing Danish waters. You can rent a boat for a couple of hours or even a week. Go sailing with an old steam or motor ship or experience a couple of hours on board a 100 year old sailing vessel; there is the right choice for everyone.

One week’s sailing ranges from 375 to 700 Euros and includes the sailing, accommodation on board, food etc. There are more than 500 small or large yachting harbours to be found along the long coastline of Denmark (amounting to some 7500 km.) and 500 islands can be used for anchorage. In most marinas in Denmark you must go to the Harbour Office to pay the Harbour Fees.

Harbours and marinas are not fenced and are open to the public, which very often creates a nice atmosphere. Burglary is quite uncommon. Explore the southerly border to Germany and Sweden to the north.