Corfu: Beach

The Greek Island Kerkyra

Corfu Beach

Whether you are looking for a tranquil and private stretch of sandy beach, or a lively spot where you can indulge in some superb water-sports, a beach holiday in Corfu certainly delivers. Corfu’s beaches are absolutely splendid, with beautiful and clean sandy stretches that wend their way around the island’s coastline. Wherever you are on Corfu, you are never far from the Ionian Sea, and therefore from some of the loveliest beaches in the Mediterranean. Corfu is famous for its beaches, with seaside locations such as Mirtoitissa Beach, a popular naturist destination, with its soft sand and secluded setting. If you are looking for a beach holiday in Corfu that will keep the whole family happy, you will also be pleased to hear that there is a wide range of water-sports available on the island; from windsurfing, to banana boating, to jet skiing and water skiing. Corfu is also a little cooler than Greece’s other islands as it is further north, so it is an excellent choice for tourists not wanting a beach holiday where they will have to sizzle without any respite from the heat. If you are looking for a quiet beach holiday in Corfu, try Ermones, Avlavi or Agnos beach; these are pretty and secluded stretches where it is easy to relax. Or, if you are after some liveliness and activity, Acharavi and Sidari beaches are great choices and have some exciting activities for both adults and children.