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Corfu Cruises

There are some lovely day-cruises, night-cruises and mini-cruises offered to tourists staying in Corfu. With such a variety of islands nearby, each with their own rich history, taking a trip to the other Ionian islands can be an exciting excursion. From Corfu Town you can create your own itinerary and cruise to as many islands as you wish. Soak in some ancient Greek mythology on a cruise to Parga Paxos, situated just south of Corfu. Or sail further south to Kefalonia and enjoy a walk through the island’s idyllic Grecian streets and try some Kefalonian cuisine. You can also experience the beauty of the Grecian mainland on a cruise to see where the film ‘Blue Lagoon’ was filmed. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, take a trip to Albania and experience some stunning Roman architecture. Other islands you might like to cruise to include, Himare Albania (just next to Albania’s port), Igoumenitsa (part of mainland Epirus), Ithika (made famous by poet, Homer, and popular in Greek mythology), Lefkada (4th largest Ionian island), Parga (ancient town part of mainland Epirus), and Plataria (very attractive port village). Prices for cruises differ depending on your exact itinerary, however, there are a number of independent companies offering these types of cruises, and this keeps the prices nicely competitive.